Ross Penniman  -  Audio Engineer

Ross Penniman has been active in the professional audio industry since 2006. He did his undergraduate study at the University of Michigan in the Performing Arts Technology department. Recent professional experience includes 5 years working in the engineering department of API. Ross recently completed a Master’s Degree (MS) in Music Engineering from the University of Miami.

Key Skills and Experience:
  • Programming experience in Matlab and C/C++.
  • Developing and troubleshooting high-level DSP algorithms.
  • Developing iOS apps, including audio processing and synthesis.
  • Developing analog audio circuits such as a pre-amplifiers and compressors.
  • Troubleshooting audio electronics, from individual components to highly complex systems.
  • Commitment to producing detailed and organized documentation.
  • Extensive experience teaching others about audio and music technology.
  • Recording engineering for a wide variety of music, from soloist to full orchestra.
  • Live sound reinforcement for a wide variety of artists and venues.
  • Active member of the Audio Engineering Society since 2005.
  • Awarded the John Eargle Scholarship by the AES in 2012 and 2013.
Areas of Interest:
  • Spatial Audio
  • Audio Effects Programming
  • Room Acoustics
  • Acoustic Music Recording
  • Home Theater Technology

Contact:   rosspenn@gmail.com